she's on fire ; and not in a good way (incorporeal) wrote,
she's on fire ; and not in a good way

one final note;

i have a new journal. i don't know if i'll stop writing in this one, but the possibility is great.

you can comment, or email me, and let me know if you'd like to know what the new journal is

but that's not a guarantee that i'll tell you.
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i wanna know! i neeed to know. hehehe

I want to know it.
I would like to know, I was sad for those couple of days when you deleted your journal...I was like, "Hey...I don't have any posts to read!"
i enjoy reading yr journal.
so i'd like to know.
if that's cool with you. :)
I would like to know... for the simple reason that I'd miss your icons on my friends page. I like them very much.

Tell me or I'll die. You owe me, I got you Davey action/amusement.

"I can only look gay."