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if my driving doesn't kill me;

then my little sister will. she is the ONLY reason that i want to move out of my house. the only one.

so what if i was like that when i was 13? she does shit JUST beacuse she knows it will piss someone off. and i'm tired of it. she's fucking grounded from the computer, and for a good reason, and yet every damn time i come in here she's online. give me a break. she's like 'mom doesn't say anything' but that's because everytime my mom walks into the room Savanna shuts off IE and gets out of yahoo or whatever the fuck it is she uses, so my mom never knows. fuck that. i have to sit here with her all day, not doing a DAMN thing, and i'm saying that she's grounded until she can get her shit together.

and it's like. i TRY to be nice to her. i take her places with me.. i just don't want her hanging out with my friends. we're all like.. what. 17, 18, 19? not the people she needs to be around, that's for sure. i know that -i- set a good example, but the rest of my friends aren't exactly people i want her to take a lead from. and that's my fault. fuck. i hardly ever 'go out' anymore but.. yeah. when i do, i'm not taking her with me. especially not after all of the shit that she gives me when i ask her to do stuff for me around the house.

she's 13. she needs to have at least a few friends of her own. contrary to whoever's belief, i DID have friends when i was 13, and i did NOT spend all of my time on the damn computer. she's an immature little brat. she can't stand it when she doesn't get her way, and my parents let her do shit like that, and i won't put up with it.

and what's more, it makes my mom feel like SHIT that she can't control her 13 year old. because Savanna honestly does not give a damn about what any of her words or actions make anyone feel like. and that's something else i'm not going to deal with. i make an effort to not fight with my mom and dad, because they are the most awesome parents in the world, but all Savanna ever does is CAUSE EVERYONE A LOT OF FUCKING GRIEF.F SKJ;LDSAKFJA;DSKFLJAS;LDKFJDS.

i am so angry right now.
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